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Category: Hair Treatment in Surat


Busting the Myths about FUT Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a common problem nowadays and to get their hair back peoples is oftenly using hair transplant techniques. Hair transplant centers and everyone promoting a different type of treatment, it becomes important to know about the conventional mode of…

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Hair Mesotherapy

  Hair Mesotherapy- Magical Treatment for Excessive Hair Loss Male pattern baldness is a major concern among men now a days because of unhealthy lifestyle, pollution or heredity, almost 5 out of 10 men are suffering from this problem. There are…

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Hair Treatment in Surat- Top 5 Frequently asked questions

Hair treatment becomes very popular in last few decades, due to increasing cases of hair fall and baldness. Modern Hair treatment techniques make it possible to bring the charm back. However, people have many doubts and queries about the effectiveness of…

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Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss

Stem cell hair therapy is mostly similar to other types of hair transplant but there is a difference between the traditional methods and stem cell hair transplant. In this type of transplant instead of removing a large number of hairs to…

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