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Busting the Myths about FUT Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a common problem nowadays and to get their hair back peoples is oftenly using hair transplant techniques. Hair transplant centers and everyone promoting a different type of treatment, it becomes important to know about the conventional mode of treatment, So in this article, we are discussing about Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and discuss a few myths and know if they are truly valid or not.

Before discussing the myths surrounding FUT it becomes important to understand the process itself and the steps that are involved in the FUT Hair transplant procedure.

So what really is FUT?

It is a technique in which, a strip of tissues is removed from the donor area from which the follicles are extracted.


Myth No. 1: It is a painful procedure-

As stated above the procedure is conducted after giving the patient anesthesia and hence becomes a completely painless procedure and there may only be slight discomfort due to dizziness or inflammation after the procedure.

Myth No. 2: You need to shave your head for the procedure-

This is not true since shaving off the head is needed for FUE and not FUT. Your hair may require a slight trim but at good hair transplant centers, they make sure that the donor area gets covered by the longer hair of your scalp if it needs to be trimmed at all.

Myth No. 3: FUE is better than FUT-

This is by far the most common misconception amongst the general public. FUE promoting centers have made FUT seem like an invasive procedure and FUE as non-invasive but it is nothing like that. In fact in FUE procedure hair follicles is removed from the donor area where no new hair can re-grow, this makes the donor area completely weak and of no use for future implants if required. FUT, on the other hand, removes a small region of the skin of your scalp from which follicles are extracted and harvested. They can also be preserved for future implants. With the development of techniques like Trychophytic Closure, the scar after FUT becomes difficult to notice even after the head is shaved in the future unlike in the case of FUE in which the donor area would become very apparent mostly when the grafts are overharvested. In most cases, hair starts to re-grow even on the scar and if needed more follicles can be extracted from the same donor are in the future.

Myth No. 4: FUT is not suitable for women-

It is actually the opposite in this case since FUT does not require the head to be shaved and becomes a better choice for women since the donor follicle retrieval becomes unapparent. It is hence a better procedure than FUE and the lady can resume her daily activities, including going out and meeting people without them noticing a significant change sooner than other techniques. Since the length of the hair is required to remain preserved in the case of women the procedure is slightly more expensive than for men ranging from 50 to 150 INR per unit.

Myth No. 5: FUT is an expensive procedure-

Compared to the advancements in FUT and its rise in costs across the globe, it is actually not a very expensive procedure in our country.

Myth No. 6: You can notice an immediate change after the Transplant-

This is not only untrue but also if it were, the whole procedure would seem too artificial and noticeable. As with any other process, it takes time for hair to grow. If you are planning to have a good mane of hair for some important event, such as your wedding, consider getting a hair transplant at least 6 months before it to appreciate the effects of it.

Myth No. 7: You can only get FUT done once in a lifetime-

As discussed earlier, FUT can be repeated for up to 2-3 times since it does not leave patchy areas that lack follicles. In fact, the follicles can be preserved from the same strip if the extraction rate is good or the same area can be extracted in the future once the hair has re-grown in it.

These are some of the most common myths about FUT hair transplant. I hope, after reading this article you can do a better judgment before opting for hair transplant whether it is FUT or FUE. If you still have any queries about FUE or FUT hair transplant techniques feel free to contact us, and If you are looking for hair treatment in Surat you can visit us for the checkup to know which treatment could be more beneficial to you.

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