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Category: Obesity Treatment


Causes of Obesity and Effective Treatment Options

Causes of Obesity and Effective Treatment Options The condition, in which excess accumulation of fat occurs in the body to the extent that it has negative effects on your health, is known as obesity. An individual is considered obese if his/her…

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Get Rid of stubborn Fat Using Cryolipolysis Body Slimming Technique

In India and Worldwide large population is growing obese, it becomes necessary to do something to lose weight so that they have healthy way of life. With excessive amount of fat deposits around the areas like stomach and thighs it has…

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How Bariatric Surgery in Surat Can Help Diabetic Patients

” In India, thousands of people are struggling with obesity problem. They are often restricted by family members while eating their favorite sweets, because generally they have a BMI of more than 35 and it can be a risk factor for…

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Effective Natural Cure for Obesity Must Try These Home Remedies

Obesity invites some major risks to your health, among which diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are most prevalent so need proper treatment in time. But we can cure obesity to a great extent by using some natural remedies with a wonderful effect….

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Perfect Slim Obesity Clinic Surat | Bariatric Surgery in Surat

Bariatric Surgery in Surat – Perfect Slim Obesity Clinic Surat Bariatric surgery in Surat is done for patients who’ve severe struggles with weight loss problem. This specific surgical procedure has proved without a doubt that it can help obese patients regain…

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Obesity Treatment in Surat, Gujarat, India

Obesity Treatment in Surat The statistics of obesity in Surat and India are on the rise for the past few decades. When it was clear that dieting and physical exercise were not the fruitful measures for every individual, Obesity treatment in…

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