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How Bariatric Surgery in Surat Can Help Diabetic Patients

In India, thousands of people are struggling with obesity problem. They are often restricted by family members while eating their favorite sweets, because generally they have a BMI of more than 35 and it can be a risk factor for so many diseases. Type II Diabetes is one of the most common problems that complement obesity in patients and with bariatric Surgery in Surat we can control it .

Diabetes, a lifestyle disorder that develops in people who have high sugar levels in blood. In addition to this, the body of patients fails to respond correctly to the fluid released by pancreas – insulin. Although the risk of this disorder also involves several other factors, obesity increases the risk of diabetes by 100%. Furthermore, if you belong to the category of severely obese patients, the risk increases by 10 times. The risk of Type II Diabetes increases with age and genetics; people 40 years old or more and having a close relative suffering from the problem face increased risk of diabetes.

Diabetes acts as a root to many problems relating to the kidney, heart and other blood. The traditional diabetes treatment involved procedures that focused on diet and exercises only. The procedures involved healthy eating and burning calories to normalize the glucose levels in blood. But doctors and health experts analyzed that these were not sufficient for getting rid of diabetes. Hence, they came up with an advanced solution – Bariatric surgery in Surat.

Although the conventional motive of bariatric surgery is to help patient get rid of obesity, it plays a crucial role in improving diabetes in patients. Undergoing a bariatric surgery reduces blood sugar levels in body. This procedure is not gradual, rather instant, as a drop in patient’s sugar levels is found just following the surgery. This happens because fat tissues are regulated through a bariatric surgery that improves insulin resistance in patients.

Advanced bariatric surgeries in surat and India such as sleeve Gastrectomy, gastric banding and bypass are recommended by health experts to patients who have a BMI of 30 or above along with Diabetes. These surgeries improve diabetes in patients even before weight loss is attained. Hence, bariatric surgery in Surat plays a cameo in the treatment of diabetes in patients.

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