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Celebre Aesthetics is a leading cosmetic center in Surat and Ahmedabad offering a broad range of surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures for both men and women.

We are on a mission to provide — compassionate & attentive care — that is vital to offer you a world-class experience with the best possible outcomes. We take a huge amount of pride in what we do because we really care about our patients and their satisfaction. You will never find us tired or fed-up with your questions or concerns. Come What May!! We extend you a grand Welcome! Call us today to book a consultation with Dr. Siddharth Sakhiya.

Meet ExpertDr. Siddharth M. Sakhiya

Dr. Siddharth Sakhiya, a distinguished Plastic Surgeon and recipient of a gold medal in M.Ch., boasts an extensive and exemplary educational background in the field of plastic surgery, having completed his training at B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad.

As the Managing Director of Celebre Aesthetics, Dr. Sakhiya presides over a renowned cosmetic surgery practice located in Surat and Ahmedabad, serving as a beacon of excellence in South Gujarat. With over a decade of hands-on experience, Dr. Sakhiya’s expertise spans a wide spectrum of cosmetic procedures, including Hair Transplants, Rhinoplasty, Facial Rejuvenation, Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Breast Surgery, and Gynecomastia correction, among various others.

His commitment to delivering exceptional results and his unwavering dedication to the art of plastic surgery have solidified his reputation as a trusted and proficient practitioner in the field. Patients seeking transformative cosmetic enhancements can rely on Dr. Sakhiya’s profound expertise to guide them on their journey to aesthetic perfection.

Gold medalist Gujarat University.

MBBS, MS, MCh Plastic Surgery from BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad.

Advanced training and experience working with Dr. L. D. Dhami (Mumbai), Dr. Milan Doshi (Mumbai), & Dr. Suneet Soni (Jaipur) to name a few.

Fellowships in Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation.

Challenging cases Cosmetic & Microvascular surgery.

“I Strive very hard to help my patients to come out with a better look and physical abilities. Patient satisfaction is one of the biggest achievement I have had so far”
– Dr. Siddharth Sakhiya.

ProficientWhy Celebre  Aesthetics

Welcome to Celebre Aesthetics, a cutting-edge cosmetic center equipped with modern facilities to address all your aesthetic aspirations. Our facility boasts a dedicated procedure room designed for a range of treatments, including Hair Transplantation, Botox, Fillers, and Cryolipolysis. For your utmost safety and comfort, our cosmetic surgery operation room features the expertise of skilled Anesthesiologists.

We proudly stand as the premier destination for the Best Hair Transplant in Surat. What truly sets us apart is our holistic approach to beauty and well-being, made possible by our diverse team of experts. Our professionals hail from various cosmetic-related fields, including Dermatology, Cosmetology, and Nutrition Medicine, all conveniently accessible under one roof.

When you choose Celebre Aesthetics, you’re opting for more than just cosmetic solutions – you’re embracing a world-class infrastructure and a comprehensive approach to enhancing your natural beauty. Discover the difference with us and entrust your cosmetic concerns to a team dedicated to your well-being.

Dr. Siddharth Sakhiya: Where expertise meets compassion, and transformation becomes a reality.

PrioritiesYour Priorities Are Our Top Focus



Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, procedure rooms, and world-class equipment provide the latest cosmetic treatments, ensuring safety and efficacy.

Skill and Comfort

Our fully qualified plastic surgeons, with years of experience, prioritize your safety and comfort throughout your journey.                                                      


We maintain a zero infection zone through rigorous cleanliness, hygiene, disinfection, sterilization, and proper bio-waste segregation.                                                   


Your privacy is paramount. We keep all details, from consultation appointments to procedures and aftercare, completely confidential.                           

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Cosmetic surgery is more than just a medical procedure; it’s a transformative journey toward enhanced self-image and increased self-confidence. Whether it’s a subtle change or a more significant transformation, these procedures empower individuals to look and feel their best.

At celebre, we specialize in a range of transformative surgical and non-surgical procedures designed to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. Our team of experienced and highly skilled professionals is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best.

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Face Surgery

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Body Surgery

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Genital Rejuvenation Surgery

Meet Our Expert Dr. Siddharth M. Sakhiya

A trusted Cosmetic Surgeon in Surat, crafting beauty with precision and passion.

Meet Our Expert Dr. Siddharth M. Sakhiya

A trusted Cosmetic Surgeon in Surat, crafting beauty with precision and passion.

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