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Obesity Treatment in Surat, Gujarat, India

Obesity Treatment in Surat

The statistics of obesity in Surat and India are on the rise for the past few decades. When it was clear that dieting and physical exercise were not the fruitful measures for every individual, Obesity treatment in Surat introduced. When it was first executed, it was a topic of major debates and it remained for a long time afterward as well. But today, the scenario has changed drastically.

About a decade ago, the average number of weight loss surgeries conducted in India was limited to approximately 8,000, including both domestic and foreign patients. Now, this statistic has changed and enhanced to roughly 18,000 procedures per year in India, The procedures that were executed in the frequency of merely 2 to 3 in the past decade are now being executed in about 50 to 60 each month, from that 25% of obesity treatment is executing alone in Surat.

Obesity Treatment in Surat

At this rate, it is expected to reach the number of about 50,000 surgeries per year by the next decade in India. Out of this huge number of patients, there is a lot which comes from the foreign countries. In fact, the medical tourism in India is estimated to earn as much as $2 billion per year is predicted.

Clearly, the Obesity treatment in Surat is gaining immense popularity, not only in India but all over the world. Lots of people, these days prefer weight reduction surgeries instead of other weight loss treatment options.

Obesity treatment in Surat is a scientific, safe and proven method of getting rid of obesity. It involves making permanent changes in the digestive tract. It helps in weight loss by two mechanisms- restriction and malabsorption.

The first mechanism is done by removing a huge portion of the stomach. This usually accounts for about 70 to 85 percent of the entire stomach. Once removed, the individual can no longer consume a huge proportion of food and thus, begin to lose significant weight in the due course of time. The second mechanism is done by resizing and readjusting the small intestine. This way, the amount of nutrition that gets absorbed back in the body reduces significantly.

Thus, clearly, the people of India and several others from foreign lands are opting the obesity treatment in Surat. The use of the laparoscopic technique is an additional benefit towards the same. In a nutshell, it is likely for weight reduction surgery to grow even more in the near future, especially in India.

There are several hospital, medical centers, and clinics, which offer Obesity treatment in Surat. But, it is essential for you to know the place which offers best services for Obesity treatment in Surat, Gujarat, India at the affordable cost. Celebre Aesthetics is the best clinic for Weight Loss Treatment in Surat (Obesity treatment). It has board certified plastic surgeon and best ambiance for Obesity treatment in Surat, Gujarat, India.

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