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Hair Mesotherapy


Hair Mesotherapy- Magical Treatment for Excessive Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness is a major concern among men now a days because of unhealthy lifestyle, pollution or heredity, almost 5 out of 10 men are suffering from this problem. There are various reasons due to which people lose their hair, such as hormonal imbalance in the areas surrounding hair follicle, lack of proper nutrients and decrease in circulation of blood in the affected area. It is important to deal with these problems first, so that hair loss issue can be solved successfully. Hair Mesotherapy Treatment in Surat is one such effective method that is best in tackling all the above mentioned issues. It results in hair growth stimulation in a natural way and hence plays a very important role in stopping loss of hair on immediate basis.
Hair Mesotherapy Treatment is a safe and non-Invasive method in which superficial microinjections are given to the patient in the skin layer, where it targets the affected tissues. This special procedure gives a vitamin boost to the skin and thus it helps in improving the blood circulation in the specific area. Due to this, hair follicles are nourished in a better way and hence it results in hair growth. In this treatment procedure, the microinjections that are given to the patient contain solution according to the requirement of the patient. In other words, the solution is tailor-made depending on the needs of patient.

Hair Mesotherapy
Hair Mesotherapy

You must choose expert and experienced dermatologists, like Dr. Siddhartha Sakhiya for Hair Mesotherapy in Surat as it is a very delicate procedure. He always ensures that the patient feels no pain during the procedure and the whole method is done in a safe & effective manner. There is no need of anesthesia in Mesotherapy and one can go back to his work or home right after the treatment is done. You may require around 5 sessions of this treatment in order to get full results of hair growth. These sessions may be done in a time gap of 4-5 months. Talk to Dr. Siddhartha Sakhiya regarding the whole procedure so that you can know its benefits. Hair Mesotherapy Treatment requires delicate handling as it is a gentle procedure and must be done with utmost care.
You can contact Dr. Siddhartha Sakhiya in Célèbre Aesthetics for Hair Mesotherapy Treatment in Surat and be assured to get best possible services. He along with his team works round the clock to provide top medical facilities to all his patients. He provides other treatments as well that will best suit your needs to give you maximum comfort.

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