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FAQS About FUT Hair Transplant in Surat



Hair loss or baldness problem can be treated with the help of various hair transplant methods such as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant). Check out some crucial frequently asked questions (FAQs) about FUT hair restoration surgery.

FAQ #1 – How The Surgery Is Performed?

FUT is a latest hair transplant treatment in which hair is extracted from the donor area and placed to the balding spot with the assistance of microscopic invasive method. This method is performed by extracting a strip of skin from the donor area, and then cutting it later into separate grafts through the assistance of microscopes because usage of microscope prevents the danger of harm as the follicular units are expelled from the strip. These grafts normally contain of 1 to 5 hair strands.

Best Hair Transplant in Surat
Best Hair Transplant in Surat

FAQ #2 – What To Expect After The Transplant?

For the initial couple of days after surgery, you’ll feel a bit of pain that will subside with prescribed medicines. A bit of swelling can occur on the forehead and the upper eyelid area, and it will subside within 2 days. Redness and scabs around the operated area would begin to show up on the second day. However, scabs will begin to fall off following 10 to 15 days.

Hair strands would gradually shed and some strands fall out after 3 to 4 weeks of hair transplant, but there’s no need to worry because it’s a normal cycle after the transplant. It will take one to three months for new hair growth process. Hair quality during this period would be thin and fine. Full and maximum development will be completed by the end of the year. You could watch that your hair developing in the normal direction just like the others.

FAQ #3 – How To Choose The Best Surgeon?

Getting some information about a specialist’s medical qualification and history is critical to find out whether he had good medical training to perform the surgery or not. The certificates, degrees in the medical field, and license to perform surgeries are a good showcase of his abilities to deliver superb outcomes. Skills and expertise is also something you need to find about. These things will prove to be enough in your quest to find the surgeon who can provides best Hair transplant in Surat.

FAQ #4 – How To Take Care Of The Hair Scalp After The Surgery?

For the first few days after hair transplant in Surat, you need to take extra care while washing or applying shampoo, and avoid rubbing and massaging at all costs. Don’t scratch the scalp, mostly because the grafts are in a healing process, and it might dislodge them.

FAQ#5- Who is the best candidate for FUT Hair transplant?

Both women and men can opt for FUT hair transplant; it’s completely safe for both gender and provides positive results as well, if you are suffering from excessive hair loss or baldness problem then after consulting your hair transplant surgeon you can opt for FUT hair transplant.

Celebre Aesthetics provide best Hair transplant in Surat under the guidance of best hair transplant specialist “Dr. Siddharth M. Sakhiya”. FUT is an excellent surgical procedure which can give your hair back without any side effect or risk.


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