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Cheap Hair Transplant Treatment in Surat

The biggest obstacle with any restorative technique is the cost – and unfortunately, the cost can determine if the patient is able to get the procedure. The same goes for hair transplant surgery, as hair transplant cost in Surat is determined by a few factors regarding the patient as well as the hair transplant clinic for cheap hair transplant treatment in Surat.

Hair transplant cost in Surat is first determined by the stage of hair loss the patient is experiencing. Someone who is facing baldness on advanced stage should pay a higher cost for hair transplant surgery because they require more grafts. Most hair clinic in Surat charge per follicular graft – and a graft can contain anywhere from 1 to 4 hairs that are prepared for transplantation. A patient who is looking to fill in the temples at the front of hairline would have to pay less for the surgery because they would require less graft to be transplanted.

Cheap Hair Transplant Treatment in Surat

The second factor of Hair Transplant Cost in Surat is the technique which is used by the clinic and the surgeons. If the Follicular Unit Extraction technique is used it usually costs more because of the detailed nature of the technique. Each graft is extracted individually from the donor area and then transplanted to the recipient area. The extraction process requires skills, experience, and an attention to detail by the surgeon and technicians and is considered to be very refined and specialized technique. Another factor could be the tools used for extraction. Some clinics which do hair transplant in Surat have begun to use the ARTAS Robot for extraction, and this allows the clinic to charge a little more as well.

A third factor that determines hair transplant cost is the qualifications of the surgeon. A hair transplant surgeon who has been practicing for several years may have higher prices compared to a surgeon who has just entered into the field. This can vary depending on the clinic as well as other competitors in the area. For example, where there are many clinics and a lot of competition in the field exists, the cost may be more competitive – but this depends.

The best way to determine the Hair Transplant Cost in Surat is to go to the clinics, do some research, determine if you are a candidate for the procedure and weigh your options. You won’t know how many grafts you need until you visit a hair clinic in Surat and they tell you. And you won’t know if you can afford the cost until you explore all the options – including finance options as well.

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