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Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss

Stem cell hair therapy is mostly similar to other types of hair transplant but there is a difference between the traditional methods and stem cell hair transplant. In this type of transplant instead of removing a large number of hairs to be transplanted in the hair loss area, it removes a small skin from which stem cells are harvested.

The follicles taken are then replicated in the laboratory and are transplanted back into the donor location as well as the area from where they have been taken. At this point, it just considered a theory and is still being researched however it is estimated that it might be available in 2020.

What is a stem cell?

Stem cells are cells that can be changed into a different type of cells found in the body. There is no specific function of these cells. They can be converted or divided into other types of cells and help in repairing body cells by replacing the damaged cells or dividing them.

The procedure of stem cell therapy

In this procedure, a punch biopsy is used to extract stem cells from the patient. The biopsy is performed through an instrument that uses rotating circular blades which rotates in- the skin to remove tissues in a cylindrical shape.

After harvesting the cells these tissues are then rotated in centrifuge till the stem cells are separated from tissues. The separated stem cells are then injected into the area of the scalp where the hair loss has occurred.

The procedure is still in the research process and there are several research teams working on this procedure. Their procedures of these researchers might be a little different from each other but all of these research teams are working on growing hairs from stem cells.

The procedure is performed in a clinic on an outpatient basis and the patient doesn’t require staying in the hospital overnight. Usually, stem cells are harvested from the hips or abdomen of patients through liposuction. Patients are put under local anesthesia and then stem cells are removed from fat through biopsy and are then injected into the desired location of the scalp. The procedure is usually completed in three hours.

Due to the fact that the procedure is in research the clinics that offer this procedure does not guarantee its results. According to some researchers stem cells are might be effective in treating hair loss conditions.

The recovery time of the procedure

Pain to some extent is to be expected by the procedure which would subside in the first week of the procedure. There is no recovery time required for the procedure though it is advised to avoid heavy exercise for a week. The scar can appear in the area where skin cells are harvested.

The success rate of stem cell hair transplant

According to researchers, the success rate of stem cell hair therapy is very high and during the clinical trial, it has shown promising results. The clinics that are currently offering stem cell hair transplant can’t give any guarantee.

Side effects of the procedure

There is not much known about the side effect of this procedure. It is a medical procedure and like any other medical procedure, there is always a chance of bleeding or infection at the area of harvest as well as the area of injection. There is also a chance of scaring at the donor area. There is a little chance of damage to the nerve or to arteries beneath the donor site. Liposuction can also cause complications.

When stem cell hair transplant becomes widely available it will change the lives of many people who want to opt for Hair Treatment in Surat. People unsuitable for the present hair transplant procedures would be able to transplant hairs through stem cell Therapy.

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