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Solution for Oozing Problem After Hair Transplantation

Solution for Oozing Problem After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant is reliable safe and most effective way to end your baldness problem. However, hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery procedure and there a few side effects associated with every surgical procedure, and hair transplant treatment is no different.

Oozing or blood overflow or other types of fluid might occur in the operated area due to various reasons. However, there’s no need to be panic, just visit your cosmetic surgeon as soon as possible to show him your current condition.

Oozing generally happens during an initial couple of hours and usually ends within the first day itself.

How to Resolve Oozing Problem

When the roots are planted in the typical skin either on bare zone or between strands with fine sharp blades, then blood and serum overflow out in small amount, no more than a drop or two from each location. To resolve this issue, you need to apply saline at regular intervals on the night after the surgery and after every 2-3 hours the following day until the morning of 3 or 4 days post-restoration surgery. Consult the surgeon for better guidance.

Places Where Oozing Problem Occur

Usually, a dressing is done by the hair transplant surgeon in the donor area. This dressing is expelled on the first or second day after the restoration. You can expect to see some blood staining in the dressing on the night after the surgery, and this normal, so don’t panic.

You will be given a sterile towel to spread over the pillows that are being used to lift your head up while you rest. This towel would protect your skin from any infection at the donor area and will likewise keep your donor zone from staining the pillows for which you may need to pay! However, if you have taken a complete package for your surgery, then such expenses will be covered by the package cost itself.

Keep in mind that by visiting the Reputed and well-established clinic like Celebre Aesthetics, you can easily avoid any complications or side effects of a transplant surgery.

Oozing Problem at the Planted Area

Coincidentally either because of scratching or expanded BP (blood pressure) inside the skin or by unexpected damage while getting in/out of a vehicle, at least one planted roots may come out. This may result in slight oozing or overflowing of blood from that specific opening and a dash of blood may come up to the forehead like water runs the slope.

If this happens, try not to panic, just look in the mirror and make an attempt to locate the oozing spot. Once you locate the exact spot and then use a clean finger to exert gentle pressure right over the oozing or bleeding spot and maintain the pressure for up to 5 or 10 minutes.

There’s a strong possibility that this will stop the oozing problem naturally. If you can’t able to resolve your problem this way then consults your surgeon immediately. Try not to touch the spot with your finger at regular intervals to check whether the bleeding has ceased or not.

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