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Rhinoplasty Treatment in Surat – Reshape Your Pride

Rhinoplasty Treatment in Surat- Reshape Your Pride

Rhinoplasty treatment in Surat is a very common plastic surgery technique done nowadays to reshape your nose. It can change the size or shape of your nose, alter the tip, repair any other defects that are visible and also correct structural defects that cause impaired breathing issues in a person. In this plastic surgery procedure, the surgeon makes few small incisions on the nose in order to reach the bones and cartilage.

Depending on the patient’s requirement, the surgeons will either remove some bones and cartilage from the nose or will add some tissues to it. Then covered it again with skin tissues, and a splint is placed on the nose so that the new structure formed remains intact. Rhinoplasty treatment in Surat needs the patient to stay in the hospital for one day. At times, the patient may be released in few hours also; this all depends on the condition of the patient and severity of the surgery.

Rhinoplasty Treatment in Surat

Rhinoplasty treatment in Surat has become most popular among the teenagers, they are the major age group that opts for the surgery. It is important that the decision of surgery is the patient’s own decision and he/she should not be influenced by his peer group. The teenagers should wait for an appropriate age to get rhinoplasty treatment so that their nose is fully grown. In case of girls, they should wait until they are 14-15 years old and for boys, should wait until the age of 18-19 years. There are certain factors that are considered by the Rhinoplasty surgeons for the surgery like the previous medical history of the patient, his current health conditions, quality of skin, goals that have to be achieved and awareness of the patient regarding the risks associated with the treatment.

Rhinoplasty treatment in Surat is undoubtedly a very safe and effective procedure but still, there are some complications that the patients might face like swelling near the nose, puffiness near the eyes, bleeding, infection, mild skin problems, injury to your septum or blockage in the nose due to swelling. All these medical conditions can be treated with medications after the surgery.

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