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Quick Hack to Test Your Skin Type at Home

Quick Hack to Test your Skin Type at Home

There are a number of skin types and each has a different skin problem or issue associated with it. How can one determine their skin type? It is simple and with this article, we will let you know how!

Quick Hack to Test Your Skin Type at Home

In order to determine your skin type, wash your face and gently pat it dry. Then, leave your skin as is for a couple of hours without applying any makeup or skin products on it. After that, use an oil blotting paper and dab it on one area of the facial skin at a time. Once done, see to it that which area of the skin left an oily mark or residue on the paper. For your information, a few areas of the facial skin such as the nose and forehead are naturally a bit oily after a while.

This test will help you determine your skin type and once you understand that, you would be able to associate the right skin product for your skin problems and help treat your skin.

Next, let us discuss on the skin products that can match your skin type and help you treat any skin condition that may follow.

  • Lotions & Creams are best for dry skin as they help moisturize the skin and are not recommended for oily skin, as it can aggravate skin conditions.
  • Sunscreen can be used for all skin types as most skin conditions aggravate or occur due to exposure to the sun. Applying an appropriate SPF based Sunscreen can help prevent your skin from possible skin problems.
  • Gels and Liquids are best for oily skin as they help in reducing the oiliness of the skin, thus preventing any possible breakouts of skin conditions. It is not advisable for dry skin as it will only encourage dryness of the skin
  • Liquids, Lotions, and Serums can work the best for different areas of combination skin. It is because it can work well on the dry and oily parts of the skin well and make it look balanced and help keep the skin texture intact and well hydrated.

We definitely believe a lot of your confusions and dilemmas related to skin types are cleared and solved. Also, your issues relating to skin products are also sorted with this article. Stay tuned for more such articles by us discussing the various solutions to skin issues and conditions.

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This article was written under the guidance of Dr. Siddharth M. Sakhiya, who is a well-known Doctor in Surat (India). He likes to discuss health and share knowledge. He is the owner of Celebre Aesthetics He has contributed to lives of numerous patients from India and abroad by helping them to come out with a better look and physical abilities. He considers his patients’ satisfaction as one of the biggest achievement he had so far.

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