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PRP Therapy in Surat | Best Hair Transplant Technique

Say Goodbye To All Your Nasty Hair Problems And Get Treated With PRP Therapy in Surat Easily

Have you been observing your hair falling down while taking a shower or brushing them every morning? Well, this happens with almost all of the people and trust us shedding of 50 to 70 strands or even up to 150 strands of hair is perfectly normal. But things start taking an uglier turn when you start noticing thinning of hair more than the average, perhaps making it the cause of worry for you unquestionably.

Simply put, if you are experiencing and tired of thinning hair, hair loss or any signs of baldness, regardless of its cause, then you should start taking it seriously and consult a hair specialist without any delay. I mean no one could afford to wait to get the hair issue checked until one goes totally bald, right? Hence, you need the proper guidance and treatment that too at the right time.

Talking about the common yet serious issue of hair fall, there could be different possible causes of your hair loss. Like in our earlier blog, we described that hair loss can be the result of unhealthy lifestyle, stress, diabetes, and a few other factors. Well, regardless of what’s causing hair issue, we will discuss here about the proper treatment to get rid of it.

While many people facing hair fall or baldness are opting hair transplant technique as a solution, they still lack knowledge and awareness about all the techniques of hair transplantation. Apart from FUE and FUT, there is another technique called PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) therapy which is also widely used to combat various hair problems. Well, you might be wondering what the concept of PRP is. Basically, PRP therapy involves using patient’s blood itself and injecting it into required scalp area.

PRP Therapy in Surat

Yes! In Platelet-Rich Plasma method, one’s blood is withdrawn first and then processed so as to filter plasma along with the platelets. After centrifugation of blood, the collected platelet-rich-plasma cells are then injected into scalp that is facing a receding hairline or is affected by hair loss. Well, the reason behind injecting plasma into scalp is very clear i.e. PRP cells are loaded with vital proteins that turn out to be helpful in tissue generation and further tend to enhance natural hair growth.

PRP is mostly chosen by women facing alopecia or any type of hair loss. Also, men who are diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia also go for this technique. It is a very easy-to-go process and is done in more than four sittings so as to get the best results. However, people who are completely bald should not opt this process as it does not help them grow new hair but only stimulates the natural hair growth process.

So, before deciding on any method, have a word with a known hair transplant specialist like Dr. Siddharth whose team could suggest you the right technique as per your hair condition. You can visit Celebre Aesthetics, the best hair transplant clinic in Surat and get the best hair transplant treatment at best affordable cost.

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