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Precautions to Follow before Hair Transplant Surgery

Precautions to Follow before Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant treatment is performed to remove baldness problem. It’s a minimal invasive surgical procedure that is performed in multiple sessions and outpatient basis. There are some precautions and steps recommended by the surgeon that you need to follow before and after the treatment. He surgeon will always ask you to follow these minor, but important details about your lifestyle.

Some important questions about your lifestyle that will be asked by the surgeon:

  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you Consume alcohol?
  • What medicines do you take?
  • Do you utilize any type of herbal food item?

These questions are generally asked not only before hair restoration surgery, but in fact before any kind of surgery. Many people wonder what the relation between smoking, drinking and surgery. Or, why they need to disclose the medications, herbal products or vitamin supplements they take in front of the transplant surgeon?

Precautions to follow before hair transplant surgery

The major connection between these lifestyle habits of a person and surgery is that these might cause excessive bleeding before and after the operation. This is the main reason why doctor will ask some thorough questions like:

  • Do you smoke – if yes, then how many times in a day and since when?
  • Do you drink alcohol – if yes, then how many times in a day and since when?
  • Do you use any banned recreational drugs – if yes, then how many times in a day and since when?
  • Are there any prescribed medicines that you take?
  • Do you take any in non-prescribed medicines or painkillers?
  • Do you take any vitamin supplements?
  • Do you consume any herbal products?

While these questions are asked, the patient needs to be honest and straightforward in their answers, regardless of how embarrassed he/she feels. Some patient feel that smoking and drinking alcohol are usually viewed as unhealthy and bad habits in the society, might be hesitate to admit to the surgeon that they’ve these habits, or to admit the amount or frequency they drink or smoke.

In a pre-surgery examination, the surgeon needs true answers for all of these questions. The intention of the surgeon is not to tell or ask you to change the habits of the patient, but to ensure that these habits don’t be a cause of any interfere in the Hair Transplant surgery’s result and don’t cause excessive bleeding before or after the treatment session.

Patients must be genuinely honest while speaking/answering to the top hair transplant specialist in Celebre Aesthetics. They must tell their surgeons all the prescribed or over-the-counter medications he/she has been taking. The patient should also give details about herbal products, or vitamin supplements they have been consuming.

In some cases, it’s possible that the patients might not remember the name of the medicines they have been consuming, so the surgeon may ask patients to show the medicines or ask them to get the name of the medicine; this is for betterment of patient.

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