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Is a Hair Transplant Treatment Painful ?

Is Hair Transplant Treatment Painful?

One of the most common questions that we often get asked at Celebre Aesthetics, The Hair Clinic in Surat is whether this hair transplant process is painful or not. Let’s discuss this question in detail.

Let’s Understand the Different Methods Used:

To find answer of this question, first we need to look at what are the different methods is used. There are two main sorts of hair transplant methods used in India and worldwide – FUE and FUT.

With FUT (Follicular Unit Transplants) the strong hair follicles are expelled in tiny strips from the back of the head or side of the head, also known as donor zone, and then it is harvested into the affected region. This method is marginally more invasive, so the healing and recovery time might be longer and there will be minor scarring as well.

On the other hand, in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), the specialist or surgeon will remove individual hair follicles and then embedded it into the bald area. This method leaves almost no scarring and has a speedier recovery time of 5 to 10 days and absolutely safe.

Measuring the Pain:

All we can say that there is just no getting away from the fact that hair transplant is a surgical technique, and therefore it needs correct utilization of local anesthesia to limit the pain brought to the patient. This normally, proposes that there might be some level of pain involved in the surgery. However, the anesthesia is utilized to reduce any pain while the hair transplant surgery is going on.

Still, some patients do report that the procedure of hair restoration is bit uncomfortable. However, mostly patients who are conscious throughout the surgery used to say this kind of things, some do say that it feels more awkward or stinging instead of painful. This is because the patient is conscious while the hair transplant treatment is performed, so the patient knows about what is going on and will encounter some sensation of pulling and tingling while the surgery is done, but if use the local anesthesia properly then  this won’t really hurt and hair treatment becomes pain free.

is a hair-transplant painful

Post-Surgery Pain

While the surgery itself shouldn’t bring any pain to the patient, then chances of post surgery pain is reduced to minimal, the area that has been operated is probably going to feel a bit different after the treatment is finished. This happens because the tissues in the scalp have to deal with trauma, which will unavoidably result in redness and some swelling in the initial days but there is not much pain involved.

In FUT, the donor area from where hair grafts has been expelled might be more delicate and take marginally more time to recover. However, patients are prescribed mild painkillers by Celebre Aesthetics hair transplant surgeon in India to ease out any post-surgery pain. Within a few days these symptoms or pain(if any) will go away.

Mostly Pain and discomfort are minimal or non-existent when it comes to hair transplant in Surat at Celebre Aesthetics which is very near to Vapi, Valsad, Navsari and Atul. This treatment becomes pain free because the procedures and recovery times are usually quick. And best surgeon of Celebre Aesthetics will treat you with their best hands.

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