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Glowing Skin Tips

Aesthetics Tips to Get Healthy Skin

Everyone in this world wants glowing skin. Many face the constant battle against dryness, dullness and pesky breakouts regularly. Glowing skin is not easy to get, especially if you lack the proper tools and skin care insight needed to enhance your skin. Many falsely believe a night cream or serum can revitalize their look, but glowing skin isn’t achieved with a single remedy. Rather, applying a multi-faceted approach is the key to a fresh and youthful face.

If you want glowing and vibrant skin, implement these four tips:

  • Wear Sunscreen Religiously

You might think you need the sun to attain glowing skin, but the opposite is true. Over time, the sun’s harmful rays do more damage than good. Overexposure to the dangerous ultraviolet rays leads to wrinkles, sun spots and, potentially, life-threatening conditions like melanoma skin cancer. The Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that in 2018, 87,110 new cases of invasive melanoma will be diagnosed with 9,730 being fatal. UVB rays damage the surface layer, causing painful and unpleasant sunburns, while UVA rays target the layers beneath the skin’s surface. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, even when temperatures are cooler. Don’t forget to properly shield your lips with a sunscreen-infused balm. If you want summer-like glowing skin without sun damage and harmful side effects, use a sunless self-tanning cream or lotion.

  • Exfoliate Regularly

Skin is continually regenerating itself, but with ageing, the rejuvenation process slows down dramatically. Over time, dead skin cells on the surface start to accrue and elicit dullness. Unfortunately, dead skin cell build-up also clogs pores, putting you at a higher risk of blackhead and acne flare-ups. Clearing the skin and uncovering the youthful cells below the surface almost immediately creates a fresher appearance, but also helps your topical treatments reach their target easier. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, a mildly abrasive exfoliate used a few times per week effectively sloughs of dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin. For a deeper clean, microdermabrasion is a minimally-invasive treatment that uses tiny particles to renew and brighten appearances.

  • Glow from the Inside

Skin is the body’s largest organ, which means diet and nutrients have a major impact on your complexion. Skin needs hydration inside and out to stay agile and fresh. Drink at least 64 ounces of water every day; it can clean out toxins that can otherwise cause blemishes and keep skin moisturized to prevent fine lines, Like dehydration, too much alcohol and/or caffeine dehydrates the skin and provokes inflammation. And, a high sugar diet deteriorates elastin and collagen more quickly, instigating premature aging and wrinkles. Managing your booze, sugar and coffee consumption and having lots and lots of water are the easiest ways to get glowing skin faster. Eating a well-rounded diet full of skin-enhancing nutrients – like Vitamin C, biotin and Vitamin D – minimizes free radical damage to encourage luminosity.

  • Consider a PRP Facial

In a PRP facial procedure, Dr. Siddhartha draws a small amount of blood from your arm and uses a processing centrifuge to extract platelets, white blood cells and growth factors. The PRP fluid is then placed into a micro-needle instrument which makes small punctures into your skin to fight fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. After one to three treatments, patients can expect to notice a restored and revitalized complexion. Because this procedure is minimally-invasive, the typical side effects range from mild swelling or bruising.

You can also get healthy and glowing skin if you choose to stay hydrated, adopt healthier lifestyle, use sun protection and revitalizing skin care treatments. To learn more about minimally invasive procedures that can reverse the signs of aging and counteract dullness, schedule an appointment with Dr. Siddhartha Sakhiya. Who is among renowned and experienced cosmetic surgeon at Celebre Aesthetics, Surat (Gujarat).

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