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Frequently Asked Questions about PRP Therapy


PRP Therapy

In this article we are giving the acute answer for general questions related PRP Therapy, We got this FAQ’s by conducting a short survey regarding PRP therapy and results are very surprising for us, because most people who are suffering from hair loss or baldness, does not have clear idea about PRP therapy. They misunderstood PRP therapy for other hair treatment, these motivate us to bring all the necessary questions together and publish this article for our audience.

FAQ1: What cause hair loss in men & women?

Hair thinning problem has affected 45% of women in India these days. The main problem is heredity along with aging, stress, lack of nutrition, illness and lifestyle. Women start feeling hair loss problem anytime after puberty.

In men, hair loss is caused due to heredity and hormone especially due to DHT. The problem is more common in men than women. According to a report, nearly 60% of Indian men are suffering from hair loss problem.

How to diagnose extreme hair loss?

Losing hair is really a devastating experience for anyone. Male and female have different hair line thinning patterns. It is always good to consult an expert hair restoration physician for getting accurate diagnosis. The detail medical history is analyzed by the physician including family history, medical illness history, current medications, hair care regimen, blood test and scalp biopsy. Getting self prediction about the problem is not correct.

What is PRP?

PRP is an innovative technique to get back hair growth. It is non-surgical treatment where patient’s own blood is used to separate and concentrates the platelets and plasma. The PRP is injected to the patient’s scalp with the help of thin needle that stimulating and enhancing hair follicle function.

Who is the ideal candidate for PRP treatments?

Patients who have just started experiencing hair loss can contact for PRP treatment and the patient who has small areas of alopecia areata can consult. These patients have seen noticeable changes with the treatment.

When can you expect improvement with PRP or how long you have to wait to see the result?

The PRP result is seen with the naked eye after a few months of treatment. It may take 6 to 12 months to see the visible difference. The hair mass index is measured.

How to get the treatment?

For PRP hair therapy, it is must to consult a hair restoration physician who has experience. It is highly important that your physician is expert in the PRP therapy and has a history of successful PRP. Search out locally.

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