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Breast Surgery – Augmentation, Reduction, Reconstruction in Surat

Breast Surgery

Breast issues like the drop in size, increase in volume, pain or tenderness are common in women of all age, from adolescents to older women. It has become a serious issue for them. Usually, changes in the size of breast occur when a woman becomes pregnant. It is a myth that feeding causes a woman’s breasts become droopy. It’s pregnancy, rather than feeding, that may affect breasts to change in size and shape after having a baby. It happens usually because breasts don’t possess any muscle. They are attached to the muscles of chest wall by thin bands. These bands aren’t very tight.

Breast Surgery Surat

To help women provide breasts of their choice, medical sciences have developed a kind of surgery which is known as Breast surgery. It is a type of surgical treatment performed to augment, reduce or reconstruct the size. In medical terms, the surgery is known as breast augmentation, breast reduction & lifts and breast reconstruction. Let’s discuss these surgeries in detail.

Breast Augmentation

Brest augmentation surgery is done to acquire fuller breast or to restore volume by using implants or sometimes fat. Before going for the surgery, you need to be frank about your expectations. Tell about the size you want to have. However, in breast augmentation, the implant type and size depends on your breast anatomy, elasticity, and skin and body type.

Once you go for the surgery, the surgeon will screen some medical check-up to ensure your fitness. He may ask you to discontinue smoking. The procedure will be done under the general anesthesia. During the procedure, the doctor will make incisions in less noticeable areas in order to minimize visible scarring. Generally, plastic surgeon makes an incision around the nipple or through the armpit after discussing with their patients.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is performed to those women who have developed excessively large pendulous like. The purpose of this surgery is to reduce the size. Surgeons do it by removing excess fat, tissue, and skin from the lower part of the breast and other areas as required. During the procedure, surgeons relocate nipple higher to its normal position and reshape.

Breast Reconstruction

It is the procedure which allows a woman to reconstruct her breast if she has had her breast removed due to illness (usually breast cancer). In this procedure, plastic surgeon takes tissue from the lower abdomen or back or uses implants to form. A woman can also regain their natural appearance and confidence by getting their nipple and areola reconstructed.

Thus, surgery is the proper solution to fulfill patient’s desire. Depending on your choice and tissues permission, you either can enlarge the size of your breast or reduce its size. It means, surgery makes small breast larger and large breasts smaller or reconstructs the removed one.

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