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Best Hair Transplant in Surat by FUE or FUT Method


Which Would Serve As The Best Hair Transplant Technique To You?

In a society where hair is seen as an important aspect that adds to the personality of a person, it becomes very necessary to take care of the hair and its related problems. With the change in lifestyle, environmental conditions and culture, it has become quite challenging for people to avoid hair loss problems and to find the consistency in their hair regrowth process. Be it young men and women or adults, everyone at some point in time faces alopecia, thinning of hair or baldness respectively and with these issues come the nasty feeling of looking older. As a result, to avoid this situation, people have become more concerned about the hair problems and are now spending a lot of time in finding the right hair treatment options and solution to their problems.

Get Perfect Hair Treatment in Surat

However, thanks to advancement in technology, a lot of hair transplant techniques have come up which have eased out the way to hair recovery journey. While many people are still looking for the answers to questions like – ‘What is hair transplant procedure?’, ‘Which hair transplant technique like FUE or FUT will be best for them?’ and ‘Which will give them best results?’, it becomes mandatory to know about the major difference between FUE and FUT that could help them in choosing one.


Here’s a sneak peek into Hair Transplant Procedure

Basically, hair transplant is an easy and safe hair restoration technique. It involves the implantation of hair follicles from the donor hair of your head to the area which has no hair or is thinning. This implantation can be done in two different ways-

  • FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation


In FUT or Strip harvesting method, a complete hair strip is extracted from the donor area and is then transplanted to the bald area. This method leaves a fine scar but yields the maximum fullness of hair.


  • FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction


On the other hand, FUE technique involves implantation of individual hair follicles that are extracted one by one with the use of punch method. This method leaves tiny, unnoticeable scars but carries a greater risk of graft damage than FUT.

So, for people who cannot afford to have visible scars or wear short hair can go for FUE technique.

Well, if you are one such person who is suffering from baldness or experiencing loss of hair strands at a faster rate, then you should consult a renowned medical professional from hair transplant in Surat and get their right treatment for your hair. Dr. Siddharth and his skilled team would help you in offering the right guidance and the best treatment for your hair problem. Célèbre Aesthetics, the hair transplant clinic that will offer all the solutions to your hair problems and will guide you to choose a perfect hair transplant technique.

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