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Winter Season Skin Care Tips at Home

Winter Season Skin Care Tips

There are many ways to protect your skin from the chilly blowing winds. Let us have a look at few winter season skin care tips for different skin conditions that pop up in winters and how you can fix them:

Winter Season Skin Care Tips

Dry Skin:

The chilly wind outdoors and the dry heat indoors can drain necessary moisture from the skin. The skin that was smooth during the summer suddenly becomes dry and flaky in winters due to the changing weather. According to Dr. Siddharth M. Sakhiya, Best Skin Specialist in Surat you must choose a right moisturizer that is extra rich in nutrients and free from harmful chemicals. The oil-based cream can be a good option as it is exactly what dry skin needs.

Chapped Lips:

Chapped lips are very natural in the winter season, we used to rush for petroleum jelly or moisturizers and cosmetic lip balms to soother our painful peeling lips but temporary solutions like these do not take us far. You need natural treatment to protect them from the adverse effects of the dry winds and retain their softness and suppleness. Go for a natural lip balm or pure ghee that is chemical free you can also use essential organic oils and butter. Apply it in the daytime and before you go to bed and anytime on the need basis.

Dry Knees, Elbows, and Hands:

Your knees, elbows, and hands also need an extra care in the winter season. The skin of these areas looks and feels drier as compared to the other body parts. Use lemon mixed glycerin, coconut oil, moisturizer, or a body lotion to keep your skin hydrated without leaving the skin feeling oily.


Unhealthy hair and dandruff are very common in the winter season. The cold and dry air weakens our hair and its roots. Hair loss mounts in the winters too. Regularly massage your hair with hot coconut oil and go for a wholly natural anti-dandruff shampoo to protect your hair from extensive damage. Strictly avoid chemical shampoos.

Follow these winter season skin care tips in your daily routine and make winters a delightful time of the year.

This blog “Winter Season Skin Care Tips” is present you by Deepshikha Porwal with the consultation of Dr. Siddharth M. Sakhiya who is known as Best Skin Specialist Doctor in Surat, Gujarat.

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