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Total Body Makeover Surgery in Surat

Total Body Makeover Surgery in Surat

Total Body Makeover Surgery in Surat

Total body makeover surgery is a term used when different plastic surgery procedures are combined together to give a new shape or look to the body.

The total body makeover is often availed by men and women after massive weight loss or women after pregnancy and childbirth. There are loose skin and muscles which look unsightly after massive weight loss. Total body makeover like Full body lift removes excess skin from various parts of the body and tightens loose muscles. Most common parts of the body where full body lift is done include tummy tuck, breast lift, thigh lift and even face and neck lift.

Total Body Makeover Surgery

Women after pregnancy and childbirth usually gain weight and have loose and hanging abdominal muscles. The breasts lose volume and shape and become saggy after breastfeeding the baby. Most women undergo breast reduction and lift or breast lift with implants to add volume to the breasts. Also combined with breast procedures are the tummy tuck and liposuction. Many women go on to get vaginal tightening done which have become lax after the delivery resulting in the loss of sexual pleasure for the lady and her partner.

Mommy makeovers are such customized makeover packages offered by Célèbre Aesthetics in Surat to give a new shape and confidence to the mommies.

With advancement in technology and newer techniques, multiple packages can be combined for cosmetic surgery in Surat under the guidance of Dr. Siddharth M. Sakhiya.

More and more men and women are opting to undergo total body makeover owing to many advantages that combining different procedure offers. One time surgery and recovery, onetime anesthesia, complete makeover in one go and one time off from work are few of the advantages that combined plastic surgery procedure offers. The most important advantage of full body makeover is the cost difference. The cost of combined procedures is much less than the cost of surgeries done separately.

India has emerged to be the most attractive destination for people looking for affordable cosmetic surgery overseas. Not only the cost is much less, Indian surgeons are globally renowned for their skill and experience, the healthcare facilities in India are as good as in the US, UK or Australia. The biggest advantage is the ease of communication. All doctors, surgeons and hospital staff in India understand and even speak Hindi and English fluently. All your notes and instructions are in English unlike other destinations, where English is not widely spoken and understood.

If you are looking for affordable total body makeover from an expert and experienced cosmetic surgeon in Surat you can book an appointment at Célèbre Aesthetics. Célèbre aesthetics is the most renowned clinic for cosmetic surgery in Surat where you can avail full body makeover packages.

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