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Patients, who are suffering from Vitiligo, must know all the treatment option available for Vitiligo or white pitches. If you or someone in your family or relation are facing the same problem, here we are sharing all the treatment available for Vitiligo (surgical and non surgical), first of all let me make it clear to you that Vitiligo (also called as Leucoderma) is a skin disorder, Early symptoms of Vitiligo is, white patches on the different parts of the body. Generally, in starting white patches appear on the body parts that most exposed to sunlight such as the face, arms and legs, and then spread to the other parts of the body. Vitiligo arises because the pigment-producing cells die off due the melanocytes bad functioning. However, it is still debatable, although most of the skin specialist in Surat and other parts of the globe, argues that vitiligo is a form of the autoimmune condition and it can be treated either by medications or surgery. Even though there are many Better & Safer options available, so let’s have a look at the types of the Leucoderma treatment.

1.  Treatments by Medications:

There are four types of medical treatments available for Vitiligo:-

  • Steroids– in Steroid therapy physicians prefer corticosteroids to bring the color back from white patches of skin. A patient needs to use steroids at least for 3 to 4 months, only then they can see any improvement. Apart from it, one should also be aware that steroid has a number of side effects.
  • Immunomodulators– It is similar to steroids; when it is suspected that vitiligo is caused by an autoimmune destruction of the melanocytes doctors recommend immunomodulators. Its effect is limited and can also increase the risk of skin cancer and lymphoma
  • Psoralen photochemotherapy– The effective treatment options with medication are psoralen photochemotherapy. In this procedure, physicians use a combination of ultraviolet light therapy and drugs to re-pigmentation the skin. But this therapy requires minimum tri-weekly visits to the Hospital for months.
  • De-pigmentation– For vitiligo patient, dermatologists also recommend depigmentation therapy. In this therapy, they use topical chemicals that bleach other normal-colored parts of the body to match the color of the affected Part. By this treatment, the patient can become extremely sensitive to sunlight & can face itchy and dry skin too.

Therefore as an expert skin specialist in Surat, we cannot suggest you go with Medication treatment. Now have a look at the surgical treatment for vitiligo.

Best Skin Specialist in Surat
Best Skin Specialist in Surat ( Vitiligo Treatment )

1.  Surgically Treatment for Vitiligo:

It has found that those patients who have not satisfied with medical therapy, they undergo surgical procedures. Surgical interventions are generally the cutting of skin from an unaffected body part and its reattachment to an affected body part; we can say it’s a type of skin grafting. The surgical procedure is result driven and fast, It’s more likely to give positive result compared to medication.

Tattooing for Vitiligo Affected Skin- Tattooing is a part of surgical treatment, wherein the physician would fill in the white patches with a special ink. This type of treatment is only recommended for small white patches.

Follow these natural remedies to control Vitiligo.

  • Exercise regularly and Practice YOGA and Meditation are also mandatory to reduce stress because Stress worsens Vitiligo.
  • Don’t hold natural urges such as vomiting, urination, bowel emptying etc.
  • After a heavy work out and traveling or a long walk one shouldn’t take cold water bath immediately.
  • Try to Use mild non-acidic bathing soap.
  • Take good diet with balanced nutrients for high immunity system.
  • Never eat Curd, salt, mushrooms, meat, prawn, bamboo shoots, sour fruits, pork with Milk. Sprouts, honey, and milk should not be consumed with meat and fish.
  • Fish & milk; fish & Sugarcane Juice; Milk & Mango; Banana & Milk; Jaggery & Pork; Honey & Pork; are opposite foods so never eat them together.
  • Don’t eat too much of salty, sour and acidic meals.
  • Try to avoider radish, Black gram, sesame, jaggery, curd, and fish.

Surgical Procedure will provide best results for Vitiligo, but without proper instructions and guideline, a patient may not get relief. To take proper guidelines & instructions we need to know about the best institution & experienced skin specialist in Surat. If we talk about the top clinic for vitiligo treatment in Surat, ‘Celebre Aesthetics’ is the name that is well known for chronic skin diseases treatment like Vitiligo. For more information, you can visit our website or you can consult with best Skin specialist in Surat DR. SIDDHARTH M. SAKHIYA.

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