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Rising Trends In Breast Reduction Surgery…

According to the universal truth, Beauty is more important than other things in our life. Wherever you go beauty can attract you more than others. When you keep concentrating on your appearance and beauty you will be getting more admiration and acceptance in this world.

Hence, physically shaped body is desired by every woman, be she from any part of the world. Apart from overall persona, the most looked and starred part, or par say visible part from the upper portion of female figure are breasts.


Although breasts are important aesthetic focus jiin female beauty,when too big, create undesired attention in society, causing psychological embarrassment, particularly while wearing trendy western outfits, and swimwear. Ultimately it leads to low self-esteem and social as well as professional underperformance.

This is not the end of the story. Heavy breasts put constant strain on shoulders, back muscles and bones leading to shoulder or back pain. It pull down bra-straps heavily leading to indentation on shoulder. Sometimes it may be a reason for fungal infection underneath breast folds.

Another important statistical point is rising incidence of Macromastia (Large size Breasts) among teenagers. When this was the story for someone in past, they just used to accept it as their bad luck. With changing fashion trends, increasing social media influence and entering into selfie loving world, no  female is happy viewing herself disfigured.

Breast Reduction Surgery (Reduction Mammoplasty) amazingly changes her world by giving well sized and beautifully shaped breasts. simultaneously it changes psychological perception from exterior and physical embarrassment from interior. Other important benifits among many are:

  • It improves physical mobility and exercise or sports activity.
  • Person love herself in her favourite outfits and present with confidence.

Being highly successful procedure, consumer forums regularly indicate very high rate of satisfaction among patients undergoing reduction surgery.

Any reader wish to know more about the procedure are welcome to mention their query and contact details in comments section. Your views and suggestions for this article will help us make it more user friendly and informative.

Until next week… Have a happy and healthy week ahead.

Dr. Siddharth Sakhiya

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