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7 Factors That You Might Not Know But Are Responsible For Your Hair Loss

Come monsoon and our thick, luscious hair begins to shed at a speedy rate. And with it, the issue of hair loss becomes one of the major problems faced by many people. This condition affects both men and women at some point but the difference is that some experience hair loss at an early age and some after the 40s or 50s. While hair loss is a normal issue, the concern for receding hairline increases when you lose hair strands at a rate more than average.

Basically, when the scalp loses its hair, the new hair becomes ready to take the place of shed one as a part of hair growth cycle, which is a natural phenomenon. And hence, this growth cycle is necessary but when the cycle or chain goes askew, the problem of hair loss tends to germinate in the individual resulting into receding hairline followed by a serious medical issue.

While hair loss is one of the grave hair issues, the reasons for it are even more pressing. Many people even fail to realize their hair loss problem until it becomes noticeable enough to be talking point among social groups or friends. So, to cure and stop thinning of hair, one must understand the reasons responsible for it. However, reasons could vary from person to person and could not be fully comprehended but yes, to get the right treatment; one must understand the common and not-so-common factors which might cause your hair to fall out.

Here we go:

  1. Heredity

The most common cause of hair fall dates back to a person’s family tree. Heredity affects both men and women while causing male-pattern baldness and female pattern baldness respectively.

  1. Stress


Stress is an important factor that could cause hair fall in many people. It can be in the form of physical or mental trauma and illness followed by temporary hair shedding.

  1. Hormonal changes including Pregnancy

A change in the hormonal system can lead to temporary hair fall. This change in hormones could be the due to pregnancy, birth control pills or menopause.

  1. Diet pattern

What we eat is also important for hair nourishment. An improper diet lacking necessary proteins and nutrients can cause our hair to fall out.

  1. Alopecia Areata

This is an autoimmune condition that results in thinning of hair followed by spot baldness.

  1. Scalp infections and related issues

Scalp Infection

A very common fungal infection like ringworm could also be one of the possible reasons for hair loss and large scaly patches.

  1. Several other factors

There are many other possible reasons for thinning of hair like – smoking, skin disorders, hair-pulling disorder, weight loss, anemia, genetics, chemotherapy, and pollution.

As mentioned, the causes of hair loss differ from one individual to another. So, before jumping on to any method to cure it, get the right diagnosis from the best hair transplant clinics, Surat. The treatment of cost also varies from place to place but don’t worry as Celebre Aesthetics hair clinic in Surat won’t upset you by any means.

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