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Eyelid Surgery and After Care

Eyelid surgery often known as Blepharoplasty is a type of treatment in which fat is either removed or added (depending on the condition of the patient) in the eyelids to make them look better. The surgery is performed on the both upper as well as lower lids.

Before performing an eyelid lift surgery we examine a patient’s periorbital area (eyebrow-to-cheek-to-nose), to find whether the patient can safely undergo Blepharoplasty. Generally, individuals with serious eye conditions and smokers are not the good candidate for the surgery, as it carries a significant risk to perform surgery on them. Our experienced surgeon thoroughly examines the whole situation and as per the experience gives the best suitable remedy for the concerned case.

  • Importance of Blepharoplasty

Eyelid Surgery is not only done for improving appearance but also to tackle the problem of impaired vision which is caused due to aging or genetics. Upper eyelid surgery is performed for the same and as its name suggests it is mainly focused on upper eyelid to give more roundness and open appearance. The lower eyelid surgery is performed to remove the wrinkles and correct the baggy eyes (filled with the fat) to make your appearance better.

This surgery comes with its own cons or possible side effects as well which include swelling of the eye area, double vision, dryness or itching in the eye. These can be resolved by consulting the doctor with eye drops or best suitable oral prescriptions. This surgery has widely gained popularity and many Bollywood, as well as Hollywood celebrities and models, have gone through this surgery to enhance the beauty of their face and make their appearance bolder.


At night lubrication ointment is advised, which prevents dryness and irritation, for 2 weeks. The sutures are taken off or removed in 5-7 days.

  • Wound Care:

The incision must be cleaned with diluted peroxide and coated with an antibiotic ointment by using a Q-tip applicator twice a day.

  • Activity:

For the first 7-10 days, one should avoid exercises and activities which increase one’s heart rate or blood pressure significantly. One is recommended to elevate the head of the bed by 30 degrees. One should apply ice over their eyes very regularly every hour for a day and this will help a lot.

  • Few Special Instructions:

One should follow the instruction of not wearing any contact lens for two-week post surgery. If worn especially within first few days then bloody tears and drainage could occur.

Many people end up being happier and satisfied with their appearance, as it can have a very positive impact on people. It is safe to say that this surgery could end up having more lasting benefits than it may seem to the naked eye.

Eyelid Surgery in Surat has made many positive effects. People look more youthful and they can see the world better. A lower eyelid lift can also be done via an incision below the lash line, but you must consult an expert in this field before planning to undergo the surgery. Feel free to contact Celebre Aesthetics to know more about eyelid surgery and its benefits.

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