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Effective and Simple Suggestions to Stop Hair Fall

Effective and Simple Suggestions to Stop Hair Fall

Thousands of Indians is going through hair fall problems. Many of them have experienced the problem at an early age, around 30 and many in their 40s or more. There are various factors of hair loss that can trigger the problem, like pollution, unhealthy lifestyle etc. in this article we have suggested some effective and simple suggestions that you can mark to get rid of the problem of hair fall.

Don’t Take Steamy/ Hot Water Shower

Instead of taking a steamy shower or Hot water shower, opt for a warm water bath. Hot water makes your hair locks brittle as it dehydrates strands. It leads to snap and fall out. When you choose to take a steamy shower, you wash out your hair’s protective oils and heat reaches to the scalp’s pores that affect the oil production. So avoid using steamy shower and hot water bath.

Don’t make Tight Hairstyles

Most women make a tight ponytail which is the most common cause of alopecia. It occurs when an external factor pulls out hair from the follicles. So, it is must to avoid making a tight bun or ponytail. Don’t accessorize your locks with heavy clips or hair clutches too. These accessories also lead to hair falling.

Limit the Use of Hot Styling Tools

When you apply a straighter, always apply a heat-protection spray before applying the tool. Any hot styling tool for hair produces with high temperatures that can damage the proteins of your locks and its protective cuticle. Use a branded heat-protection spray as it creates the thermal barrier to reduce friction. It is good to limit the use of hot styling tools.

Go for Gentle Hair Massage

Oils like olive oil and coconut oil can be used to give a gentle massage to your scalp. Massage nourishes strands and gives strength to the hair root by improving the blood flow to the scalp tissue. Thus, hair cycle improves and enhances hair re-growth. Choose to massage your scalp once or twice a week.

Keep the Scalp Clean & Healthy

Do you know poor hygiene leads to the unhealthy scalp which later becomes the reason of hair fall? Dandruff is one of the most common reasons to lose hair. Make sure you have cleaned scalp every day. Use a good quality shampoo and oil that can nourish your strands and scalp.

Don’t Stress

A typical cause of the problem is the hormonal imbalance which can trigger if you take the stress. Don’t take stress. Engage your mind to something that makes you happy and stress free.

Along with these measures, if your hair fall problem is not solved with above techniques then visit Dr. Siddharth M. Sakhiya founder of Celebre Aesthetics the best hair surgeon for hair replacement and restoration. The more early you contact the better result you can expect to get.

The author of the write up is keen to share accurate reasons for hair loss. You can learn more about hair loss related issues in the next series. If the problem is big then, contact Celebre Aesthetics the best hair transplant clinic in Surat (Gujarat).

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